The Scandinavian Choir is a mixed, 4 part choir with members from all Scandinavian countries as well as Finland and Australia. We sing in Danish, Swedish, Norwegian and occasionally Finnish, Icelandic and English. Singing liturgical and secular works, we sing at mass every first Sunday of the month at the Swedish Church, (excluding winter months) and perform at the traditional folk festivities of Valborg (Walpurgis Night), Swedish National Day and Midsommer. Throughout the year we serve not only the Swedish community but the Danish and Norwegian communities as well. In addition to our local commitments, the choir has also participated in various Nordic festivals locally, nationally and in New Zealand.

Choir PastOriginally founded in 1974 for Julotta under Pastor Olle Sjöholm, the Choir has been an integral part of the Swedish congregation for over 40 years. Through many changes of leadership and generational change within the Swedish congregation, the choir has provided a strong thread of continuity within the fabric of church life. The choir was named “The Scandinavian Choir of Melbourne” to reflect the mixed origins of its members. It has continued to flourish under a number of conductors including the Pastor’s Danish wife Riise Eilert (’77-’81), Inga Holmberg (’82-’88) and then Church organist Staffan Thuringer (’89-2010). In 2011, after 21 years of dedicated leadership Staffan appointed Eva McAlister ( 2011-2015) as conductor. Despite being of  Austrian background, Eva passionately explored  the broad Scandinavian repertoire with the choir over  the next 5 years. Since 2016 the Choir is under the leadership of the Music Director of the Swedish Church, currently Urban Westerlund.

We currently have 25- 30 members ranging from 25 years and up. We always welcome anyone with a love of singing and interest in Nordic music to come and join us.